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  • Michelle Campbell wrote May 14 0.48 miles away,

    The Fenway area is super crowded because the Sox play at home on Marathon monday. A fun day is to hop to one of the many pubs in the area, watch the game and catch the runners as they go by. That is if you're not lucky enough to have tickets to Fenway itself.

  • Michelle Marie wrote May 10 0.48 miles away,

    the Fenway area is a great place to watch the Boston Marathon.

  • Anonymous wrote March 21 1.58 miles away,

    The Neighborhood Association of the Back Bay considers the neighborhood's bounds to be "Charles River on the North; Arlington Street to Park Square on the East; Columbus Avenue to the New York New Haven and Hartford right-of-way (South of Stuart Street and Copley Place), Huntington Avenue, Dalton Street, and the Massachusetts Turnpike on the South; Charlesgate East on the West.

  • Anonymous wrote August 03 1.62 miles away,

    just went to long wharf