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  • Missing Teen: Have you seen Million?

    November 18

    She says, "He's 5'8" and thin. He speaks with an accent and is pretty quiet. He doesn't know West Seattle well.

    Northwest African American Museum presents Bold As Love: Jimi Hendrix ...

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    November 17

    BOLD AS LOVE: JIMI HENDRIX AT HOME NORTHWEST AFRICAN AMERICAN MUSEUM November 27-May 5 The Northwest African American Museum , in partnership with Experience Hendrix L.L.C.. and Authentic Hendrix LLC,...

  • UW World Dance presents Compagnie Kafig

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    November 17

    In a 70-minute program entitled 'Pixel' the eleven-member troupe treated the audience to a full demonstration of the hip-hop dance vocabulary, plus some circus-style acts including an in-line skater, a contortionist, and an expert on the Cyr Wheel - a super-sized hula hoop that a person uses as if their body were the spokes of a giant bicycle wheel. The most fascinating element in the program for me was the interactive videos that contextualized the dancer's movements.

    From the WSB West Seattle Holiday Guide: Big bazaar weekend ahead

    November 16

    One-of-a-kind holiday decorations are part of what you'll find at the Providence Mount St. Vincent Holiday Bazaar and Bake Sale , which started today and continues tomorrow, kicking off a big weekend...


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  • Sabira Arefin wrote April 11

    The true privilege of being the Founder is that I have the opportunity to be everyone's neighbor. Be my neighbor. See you in the neighborhood!

  • Anonymous wrote September 28

    A good many valualebs you've given me.

  • Anonymous wrote September 03 8.52 miles away,

    I'm really fascinated by this site. A chance to connect with real neighbors? Love that. Seems a bit slow getting users though. Only four comments here since March 31? I've lived in Bridal Trails (very near MS campus) since 2002 and love it.

  • Anonymous wrote March 31 8.52 miles away,

    Welcome to Bridle Trails neighborhood page.