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Lower Queen Anne Wall

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  • Nick Talwar loves Lower Queen Anne because April 29

    I love how it is so close to downtown and Fremont and Cap Hill, yet is more quiet and residential. I also love the views of Lake Union and the skyline...

  • Casey Edwinson loves Lower Queen Anne because April 14

    Great peeps and places!

  • Sabira Arefin wrote April 11

    The true privilege of being the Founder is that I have the opportunity to be everyone's neighbor. Be my neighbor. See you in the neighborhood!

  • Jeff Rea wrote April 07 9.29 miles away,

    That last anonymous comment was mine but I didn't mean it to be anonymous. Apologies.

  • Anonymous wrote September 03 9.29 miles away,

    I'm really fascinated by this site. A chance to connect with real neighbors? Love that. Seems a bit slow getting users though. Only four comments here since March 31? I've lived in Bridal Trails (very near MS campus) since 2002 and love it.

  • Anonymous wrote March 31 9.29 miles away,

    Welcome to Bridle Trails neighborhood page.