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  • Murphy tries to reset storm story after debacle

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    November 18

    Gov. Phil Murphy tries to reset storm narrative after hundreds left stranded on New Jersey highways during mid-November storm. Gov. Phil Murphy offers storm warning, resetting narrative after NJ failed to plow roads Gov. Phil Murphy tries to reset storm narrative after hundreds left stranded on New Jersey highways during mid-November storm.

    State Police responded to 1,000 crashes, helped 1,900 drivers during N.J. snowstorm

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    November 16

    Motorists had a miserable time trying to get home during Thursday night's storm with State Police responding to nearly 1,000 crashes and aiding almost 1,900 drivers. Those figures provided by Gov. Phil Murphy at a Friday morning press briefing in Woodbridge are just from roads such as routes 80, 280, 78, 287, 195, the New Jersey Turnpike and the Garden State Parkway, which are patrolled by State Police.

  • Disgusted by a miserable 5-hour commute, Christie blasts Gov. Murphy

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    November 15

    Gov. Phil Murphy's handling of a November snow storm met with derision from former Gov. Chris Christie on Thursday night. Chris Christie thinks he's stronger than the storm -- or at least Gov. Phil Murphy's handling of it, anyway.

    Hundreds of accidents, closed bridges after NJ's first snow of season

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    November 15

    The first winter storm of the season wreaked absolute havoc across the state with hundreds of crashes, slippery roads and canceled or delayed mass transit service that left commuters in the lurch for much of the evening. The Department of Transportation reported a 35 mph speed restriction from the Delaware Memorial Bridge to Exit 8, and a 45 mph limit from Exit 8 to the George Washington Bridge.

  • Thousands turn out to honor veterans at Woodbridge parade

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    November 11

    Carrying a 3-foot-tall picture of his grandfather, Air Force veteran Frank Pittenger Jr., Matteo Pittinger was one of more than a thousand people who gathered on Main Street in Woodbridge Sunday to honor the nation's veterans. Most attendees of the 12th annual parade gathered on the sunny side of the street to brave the chilly weather.

    SC claims sole Mega Millions winner, 2 NJ tickets worth $1M

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    October 24

    Winning Mega Millions ticket sold in South Carolina, two second prizes in NJ Two $1 million tickets were sold in New Jersey while someone in South Carolina won the jackpot. Check out this story on We've all fantasized about winning the lottery, and what we'll spend the money on, but a new study finds that cash windfall doesn't actually make you feel happier.