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2019 NJMAC Conference: Montessori - What Learning Should Be March 1, 2019

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8:00 AM - 3:30 PM Friday
03/01/2019 - 03/01/2019
Free to Facility Members

We look forward to seeing you at the NJMAC 2019 Annual Conference! Keynote Presentation: Punished by Rewards: Second Thoughts About A’s, Praise, Stickers, and Contests Presented by Mr. Alfie Kohn Teachers are often encouraged to rely on rewards rather than punishments, but research suggests that carrots can be just as counterproductive as sticks. Both are forms of manipulation, and neither can produce anything beyond temporary compliance. In fact, as Alfie Kohn, author of PUNISHED BY REWARDS, will argue, students who see themselves as doing an assignment or completing a work in order to receive a gold star, an A, or an award are actually less likely to develop an interest in the subject matter or to challenge themselves to do their best. By the same token, stickers, popcorn parties, and even praise give students no reason to act responsibly when there is no longer a goody to be gained for doing so. For students to become lifelong learners and good people, we need to work with them rather than using techniques like rewards and punishments, which merely do things to them. Morning Workshops: Culturally Sensitive Practice: Reflections on Designing Infant/Toddler Environments from NY to Beijing (I/T Teachers) They’re All Smiles! Exploring the progression of smiling in infants from spontaneous to social. (I/T Teachers) Culturally Responsive Montessori (EC Teachers) Make Believe Play in the Montessori Classroom, Reality or Fantasy?  (EC Teachers) Peace Education Beyond Primary: Global Citizenship Education for the Elementary Years (ELEM I & ELEM II Teachers) Leading through Conversation: The Power of Effective Questions (School Administration) Practice (All Levels) Afternoon workshops: Montessori Learning For a Curious Toddler Should Be… (I/T Teachers) “And We Go ‘Round and ‘Round in a Circle Game” (EC Teachers) Creating Healthy Environments in EC Education: Building Health Habits for Life (EC Teachers) Creating the Future, Without Fear: Technology & Montessori (ELEM I, ELEM II & Middle School Teachers & School Administration) Advocacy Update: Environmental Rating Scales and NJ Approval of the Montessori Curriculum and The Use of Environmental Rating Scales in the Montessori Classroom (School Administration) Better Parent Education for Montessori at Home (All Levels)


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