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Mobile Campaign Platform Dashboard

Promote Your Event

  • New Campaign

    Create a new advertising campaign. Each campaign can have multiple advertising goals.

  • My Campaigns

    Manage, edit or delete your campaigns.

  • Repoting

    View performance data including total impressions, click-through rates and more. LocalBlox's reporting allows you to view performance data for campaigns and ads. You can also compare reports and have the ability to export your data for further analysis.

App/Site Manager

  • Add New App

    Create new your mobile app. Setup options for your app i.e. Location services, Ad Type to display, etc...

  • Get the SDK

    Download the LocalBlox SDK's for mobile platforms. Track your apps metrics and monetize your apps using our Ad platform.

  • My Apps

    Create, view, and edit your mobile apps. Setup Smart Beacons, Alerts and promote your app using the LocalBlox App Promotion Wizard.

Account Manager

  • Account Information

    View or modify your account information and settings.

  • Account Summary

    View your ad balance, pending earnings, and get a summary of all recent orders. You can also add funds to your account from here.

  • Change Password

    Update the password for your LocalBlox account.

  • Notification Settings

    You can specify a low balance level at which you will receive notifications via email. This will help ensure that your ads are consistently running.

  • Funding

    Add funds to your account here to start running ads or replenish your ad balance level.