Discover Lakemont, Bellevue


Feature Your Business on People's Mobile Devices

Serve a mobile ad featuring your products, services to Android, iPhone, iPAD, Blackberry devices in targeted local areas. Target users by demographics and interests currently located close to the neighborhoods you serve.

Reach the Residents through Digital Media

Send text, voice messages and emails featuring your products, services, offers and deals to residents in your targeted neighborhood with an automated schedule; all at a very low price. No more paper mailers. Better, cheaper ways to reach your local customers.

Feature Your Business with a Banner Ad on LocalBlox Site

Create an image ad with 3 easy steps to feature your deals, offers to people in your targeted neighborhoods on No More paper ads or discount coupons to print. Cheaper, more effective ways to reach your local customers.

Social Media Package to build Your Presence and Reputation on Facebook & Twitter

Build Your Small Business Social Media profile on Facebook and Twitter. Use your social media profile as a reference to draw new customers, get recommendations, increase visibility on the web right away.