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  • Ashfaq Rahman

    Ashfaq Rahman

    Founder - CTO/Chief Scientist.

    Key Roles : Engineer, Chief Scientist, Data Scientist. Key Firms : Microsoft, Selerity,, Vantage Lab. Masters in Computer Science - UPenn. Last startup Selerity made major news on Wall Street.

  • Sabira Arefin

    Sabira Arefin

    Founder - President.

    Key Roles: Technology Management, Business Intelligence & Analyst Project Management. Key Firms: Cisco, Expedia, CNA Insurance, Countrywide. MBA - Duke Fuqua.

  • George Fink

    George Fink

    Serving on several Private Equity Boards. Key Roles- President and COO of Tele Atlas, sold to TomTom for 4.3 billion dollars. Co- Founder and CEO of MIRUS Information Technology Services, President of Comsys ($600 million revenue), CEO of Remco and Rent-A-Center, Partner - Ernst & Young. Public and Private company experience. Led Venture Capital funding - $220 million in 2004 - Tele Atlas, $12 million in 1999 - MIRUS, $5 million in 1986 – Remco and Rent-A-Center.

  • Colby Atwood

    Colby Atwood

    Business Development - Media and Advertising.

    Key Roles : President of Borrell Associates (14 years) - Local Media Consultants and Advisors. Director - Channel Marketing, Zip2, VP - Inc., VP Sales - Pantheon Inc. MBA - UCLA Anderson School, BA - Stanford University.

  • Joseph Berry

    Platform Strategy and Business Development - Location Based Services / Telematics, Mobile and Wireless Services/Marketing.

    Key Roles: JBJ Advisors - provides M2M, Telematics, Infotainment and Connectivity consulting services. Chief Architect SYNC Services - Ford Motor Company, VP - Tele Atlas, Executive Director - Wingcast, Product Development - AT&T.

  • Advisors at LocalBlox include big names in the industry.

    Dane Madsen Founder, Charles Dyer Global Director Microsoft Bing and Nokia, Merrill Brown Founding Team Member of & RealNetworks

LocalBlox is a data technology company that has built a powerful, scalable and distributed data acquisition platform. The platform automatically crawls, discovers, extracts, indexes, maps and augments data in a variety of formats from the web and from exchange networks, adding crowd- sourcedverification as needed. LocalBlox helps companies acquire and utilize a vastamount of information from sources held captive on the web with exceptionalspeed and scale.
The LocalBlox platform enables the creation of normalized rich profiles around business firmographics, people data, usage patterns, and behaviortrends. It can power B2B and B2C customer intelligence, customer retentionand relationship management, sales and marketing campaigns, location-based services, search and mapping portals, demographic targeting, saleslead generation, and media advertising for a wide range of industries.
This unique and proprietary data collection method has allowed LocalBloxto generate and continually update a deep data index of 29 million businesses, 55 million business contacts, 112,000 neighborhoods (both physical and social boundaries), 220 million people profiles, and millions ofcontextual events.
LocalBlox goes a step further by weaving these disparate data typestogether and mapping them into people’s and businesses’ real identities soclients are able to discover the real “sweet spot” in the Big Data value chainand generate contextual relevance. The right customers, in the right place,and at the right time...
Most businesses don’t know what their customers do outside their own business. LocalBlox helps companies learn much more about theircustomers’ patterns outside of their business boundaries and can providetarget customer look-alikes. LocalBlox also provides deep personalizationtools and personalized campaigns driven by Big Data.
LocalBlox’s technology can be utilized globally across many businesses,languages and geographies with already proven results in the U.S., UK,Canada, Australia and South Africa.

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